ProductInUse: Knowing better real machine usages to better serve the customers

Digitalization is a major opportunity for industrials to increase profitability and accelerate growth. It is the mean to enter into the new era of the service economy. The application ProductInUse® helps industrials to perfectly understand customers and the usage of the machine they have bought. It enables to build new innovative service offers tailored to the market segmentation of your expertise. The application, delivered to your customers will help them to get the best out of their production systems, thus increasing their loyalty to your brand. OptimData expertise and ProductInUse application help you enter in this new digital era.
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Machine Teaching versus Machine Learning

Introduction   The Graal of Industrial Internet of Things is to create intelligent machines that are able to learn from the past usage to enable optimum and self-adaptive operation. Apart … Continue reading Machine Teaching versus Machine Learning

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Hannover Messe Industry 2016, a success for OptimData

The Hannover Industry Messe 2016 is now over and we have been very pleased to participate to this event. We had the honor to have the visit of Mister Macron, … Continue reading Hannover Messe Industry 2016, a success for OptimData

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